The Environs Group Supplies An Unprecedented:
Innovative development program for Investees,
To prepare the investee for investment,
And introductions to compatible Investors.

The Environs Group Supplies An Unprecedented:
Risk Profile and Investment Analysis.
For the Investee to strengthen their business, and
The Investor to make an informed investment decision.

The Environs Group Supplies An Unprecedented:
After investment quarterly vigilance report,
To inform the investor of their investment status,
And supply intervention or support if needed.


John Hubbell, Executive Chairman and Professor Richard Foty CEO of the Environs Health Initiative HealthEdge Inovation, are the founders of Environs Group and would like to welcome our visitors to the Environs Group of businesses.

John through Hubbell Ventures brings his team and years of experience in financing early-stage businesses and administration of the investment process. Richard is internationally known and lectures on translational health across the globe.

John and Richard have brought their networks together to form the Environs Group of businesses. This Group forms an investment community of companies, comprised of a group of like-minded innovative experts, the Environs Associates. The Environs Group support innovative Investees and Investors by the Environs Group’s OCTAD end to end eight stage innovative regulated compliant investment process that runs on the investment administrative platform ‘Phundex’. 

John Hubbell

Executive Chairman

Professor Richard Foty

Environs Founder and CEO HealthEdge Innovation


The primary type of businesses that the Environs Group specializes in developing, mentoring, providing investment and management, are early-stage businesses from entrepreneurial innovation organizations such as industry, government and academic incubators, accelerators, or innovation hubs. The Environs Group also supplies creative impact investment opportunities for angel and venture capital investors.

The Innovative Venture does not fit into any pigeon-holed traditional definition. When the investment target graduates from a developmental organization, Environs defines them as ‘Declared Impact Ventures. They are ‘Declared’ because they are affirmed by these organizations as to their merit. In campus accelerators, they are peer-reviewed. In government incubators, they are qualified as to their benefit to the economy. In the industry, they are vetted as to their potential commercial viability. All these innovative associations are looking for investors, and the investment community is looking for innovative businesses to invest.


The Environs Innovation Investor has a risk appetite to invest in these early-stage businesses. The Environs Innovate Investor is a sophisticated investor who has the knowledge and abilities to thoroughly assess, and challenge assumptions made by the Investee and Environs in these early stage Declared Impact Ventures.

The Environs’ Investors come to Environs because the Environs / Phundex Platforms give them a source of deals that have an efficient, standardized rigorous investment analysis. The business idea is deeply scrutinized, and the development of the business plan has been well documented and planned. The Environs automated process and scoring system pre-qualify opportunities, reduce risk, enable more efficient decision-making, and make better use of investors’ time, money and energy.

Environs problem with the traditional methods of investing in early-stage businesses, is the fact that with in the first two years of these business starting up, the failure rates of angle invested ventures and venture-capital-backed projects are 95 and 75% respectively. Environs’ Investors are focused on managing risk and achieving better returns from all their investments and abandoning the philosophy that investing in a group of startups, hoping one of them will make it big and make up for the losses of the others.

The Environs Investor can be as passive or as active as they want. Many become Environs’ Associates and take on responsibilities such as controllers, mentors, advisors, non-executive and executive director roles.


As a lead investor, the Environs Group specializes in developing and investing in Digital and Physical Health, Deep-Tech, Fintech, Construction, Sport, the Creative Arts and Property Development. We use our Associate’s specific sector knowledge, our business underwriting and risk analysis, and risk profiling of the Investee to determine the risk of investing. The Environs process is unprecedented in scope for investments of this size. We do this through Phundex’s technology to enable efficiencies in the process. Environs has competitors that provide components of what Environs supplies.

To date, Environs and Phundex has not found any competitor that brings under one platform the whole end to end investment process from vision to vesting or divestiture enabling a regulated compliant structure.


The Environs Group consists of three categories of business that work together to support and invest in innovative companies and the three businesses are coordinated, controlled and administered on the Phundex Platform.


Octad is an end to end, eight-stage innovation business analysis application embedded in the Phundex Platform. Octad is designed to oversee the venture and the Investee through the life of the business. Octad has been co-developed by the Phundex and Environ’s Associates.

Octad, through Phundex, supplies a sophisticated robotically driven scoring system that determines a ventures readiness to advance from each Octad level to the next until the business’s score reaches investment ready. The eight stages of Octad are Vision, Verification, Validation, Viability, Valuation, Venture, Vigilance and Vest / Di-Vest.

Environs and Phundex have developed various Octad systems and specially crafted tools for corporate finance analysis. This gives Environs Associates an unprecedented ability to provide thoroughness and efficiencies in the business analysis process. Octad produces a risk profile unprecedented for early-stage companies, which aids both the Investee in understanding their business and the Investor, supplying them with an unprecedented suite of information to make an informed investment decision.



The Environs Group of businesses are aligned via the investments of Hubbell Ventures Limited, a small family office in Jersey in the Channel Islands. Jersey is known for its significant international financial clout despite being a very small island. It is also known for its tourism, its digital footprint and its excellent lifestyle..

Hubbell Ventures has chosen Jersey due to Jersey’s reputation as a financial power in the fund business and is a clear leader in international finance, its competitive position in the funds’ industry and its strict regulatory requirements yet entrepreneurial regulator and government. Jersey, both locally and internationally, supports the highest regulatory standards and the most attractive products and services to suit the needs of global investors. Within a twenty-minute walk in the business district of St Helier, one can discuss with investment representative offices from all over the world, including family offices large and small, fund administrators and managers large and small and funds trusts and other financial structures. Read More….

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